About Us

Staying True to Our Family Roots

D&J Construction was founded in Richmond, Texas by Dionicio and Irma Hernandez in 2001. Originating as a small family business, D&J served as a subcontractor for small projects. In 2005, the company was incorporated and expanded into larger markets as their team grew. By 2007, D&J began competitively bidding on road construction projects for large residential areas.

Since then, D&J has experienced rapid growth and now operates throughout the state of Texas. Today, D&J Construction still holds true to its family roots and still serves a loyal client base despite experiencing exponential growth. D&J is always planning for the future and is currently expanding into national markets. No matter the project, D&J Construction is always prepared. With a rich history and promising future, there has never been a better time to partner with D&J Construction than now.


The safety of our team and those who use our roads is our first priority. We put great thought and planning into our work to ensure that our roadways are constructed and used in the safest way possible.


We understand that our decisions and actions affect others on a daily basis. That is why we keep an empty chair at every one of our meetings. This empty seat represents the people and environments that are affected by our choices and reminds us of our responsibility to ethical behavior.


At D&J, we strive to make every aspect of our business a quality experience for our clients. From paving roadways to communicating with clients and people in the community, we hold ourselves to the highest standard.

our team

Holding Ourselves to The Highest Standard

Nicho Hernandez


Nicho has worked in the construction industry for over 35 years and gained expertise on various elements of the industry. He has used his years of experience and expertise as a method to provide for his family, that lead to him and his wife to found D&J Construction. During his free time, he enjoys traveling and attending sporting events with family.

Irma Hernandez


Irma has managed the majority of the administration work for D&J since her and her husband founded the company. She has utilized her strengths in management to maintain consistency in the industry. When she is not in the office she enjoys spending time with her four children and three grandchildren.

Jovany Hernandez

Director of Operations

Jovany received a Bachelor’s of Science in Design and Construction from Texas A&M University–Class of ’18. He grew up in the Construction Industry; whether it was working on job sites during summer breaks or administration work during shorter school breaks.

Mayra Salas

Human Relations

Mayra received her Bachelors degree in Business Administration-Management from the University of Houston in 2017. She has been in the Construction Industry for five years. She loves spending time with her family.

Alan Montoya


Alan has been working in the Construction Industry since 2011. He received an Associate’s Degree in Business. He started as a labor worker and worked his way up to become a superintendent. While working in the field he loves learning various new aspects about construction.

Nelda Montoya

Administrative Assistant

Nelda earned a bachelors in Teaching and learning from the University of Houston in 2008. She also earned a Construction Management degree from Louisiana State University in 2018. Working during the summertime in the Construction Management industry prepared her to begin a new career in the industry.

Monte Chappell

Project Manager

Monte received his bachelor of science in Construction Management from the University of Houston in 2006. He has I’ve been in the Construction Industry for over 20 years. He enjoys playing pool.